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JC's Coffee, Deli, and Grill

The Myrtle Wilks Community Center exists

to enrich the quality of life for people in our community.

Our mission is

to empower people physically, mentally and spiritually by providing food, fun, and education.

Our vision is

to be a center that will not only help people in their toughest moments but one that builds up, educates, and equips people to be able to help themselves and their community.

MWCC accomplishes our vision by providing services through JC's Deli and Coffee Bar, Fitness Today, and Mountain Top Christian Academy. Along with these entities MWCC is also home to a variety of community resources and ministries. These include Cisco's food pantry (The Blessing Box), the Cisco Senior Nutrition Program, the Cisco Ministerial Alliance, and Mountain Top Church.

Our Core Values are:

Biblically Rooted | MWCC as an extension of Mountain Top Church strives to be the hands and feet of Christ to our community. We cannot do this without a knowledge of who Christ is through his Word.

Helpful | The core of every community center is to be helpful. When you come into the walls of MWCC you will find someone ready to help you. If we cannot help you through one of our many resources, we will be able to find someone who can.

Empowering | While always being willing to help, our goal is to empower people in our community to not need our help but to be resource, themselves, to our community. We do this through our many free classes and ministries. 

Build Community | A united community is a strong community. MWCC was put in place to bring people together. Regardless of your beliefs, race, or ethnicity, you will be welcomed into our center.

Results Based | MWCC values the donations we receive and our relationships with those who provide those resources. As a result, we routinely evaluate our daily operations to ensure they align with our mission and vision. We continually seek God's guidance and hope to identify and utilize His gifting's on us and our community members to further His kingdom and enhance our community.

Stop by to enjoy our free WIFI, have some coffee or lunch, and spend time with one another.

Check out our calendar or like us on Facebook to find out about our exciting upcoming events!






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